About Us

Timoteo Marin Rodriguez

“In few words… I am a person who loves his job. Correction! I am a person who has a deep passion for the underwater world; It is an integral part of who I am, and I want to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with you. I want you to be able to experience the indescribable feeling that I feel every time I am beneath the surface of the water.

“Diving is not just my profession, it is my calling. I began diving when I was only 15-years old, and I became a dive guide at age 18. When I turned 18 years old, I truly became a part of this awesome underwater world. I now have over than 10 years of experience as a dive guide, and I have logged more than 10 thousand dives. I have worked with many of the dive shops in the Cancun area, and I also worked as a security diver for Galatee Films in the 2009 French-American nature documentary film, Oceans, which was distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.”


Andi Alanis

Started as photographer but she felt that guiding and teaching scuba diving was her calling.

A lovely instructor committed with her job, she will truly train you applying the standards and procedures in order to learn diving properly.

“I am a diver addicted, manta and turtle lover, I  can not live a day without go underwater”


Liz Phylomeno

“I can not define myself but I can show you many emotions through the pictures,

“Computer is my profession but photography was my calling and passion, my life is a comic show with a touch of magical colors.

“I take photos because I need it, they saved me in a difficult moment of my life, I met the ocean and it became my refuge, taking photos I can see the moment that can not be expressed with words and extract the true feeling full of colors in one shot.

“Photography is my inspiration and a part of my life.”

 About our company:

At our dive site, we focus on quality. We want your experience to be phenomenal, so we keep our groups small. Because we only book small groups, we are able to provide personalized instruction and tours. This enables us to give our customers the best service available in the area.

We are a small, family operation focused on customer service and building relationships. Diving is a lifestyle and a community, and we welcome you to our community.

We invite your feedback and suggestions. If you have questions, please message us, and we will respond within 24 hours.

About the name A’ HA’:

The meaning A’ HA’: is deeply meaningful to me. After thinking and searching for an original name of the company, I decided and I wanted a fusion of the meaning of water and the Mexican culture.

A’ comes from the Aztec word ATL (pronounce “atol”). ATL = water in the Aztec language, Nahuatl. The article A’ means water as well, and it is used at the beginning of Aztec words that are closely associated with water.

HA’ = water in Mayan language.

The two symbols on each side of A’ HA’ is the meaning of each word in their language, for both cultures water is sacred and the beginning of everything. For divers water is all, and I often say, “aha!”

In English, “aha” is an expression of amazement and discovery, so I decided to fuse the words, making a game of words while giving a lot of meaning at the same time. I wanted to communicate in a word: culture, tradition, friendship, confidence, positivism and a “Yes, I can!” attitude, saying OK in most languages.

So the meaning of A’ HA’ in essence would be like saying: I’m friendly; you can trust me; you’re going to discover new and amazing things, and you will be OK.