Bull Shark Diving Cancun Mexico

Bull sharks diving Cancun and Playa del Carmen

Join the best bull shark diving and feed in Playa del Carmen, large female bull sharks congregate close to the beaches of Quintana Roo.

Bull Shark Diving Cancun

Bull sharks are attracted here because of the freshwater cenotes that run into the sea. The constant flow of freshwater leaving the cenote attract them, as well as an abundant food into the area. Playa del Carmen is also known to have a large turtle population which is another food source for the bull sharks.

The bull shark season is in winter, from November until February, but the best time start from mid – December.

The number of sharks are variable but you can find them the 90% of the dives. The bull shark feeds take place in 20 – 25 mts. / 66 – 82 ft. just 5 minutes boat ride from shore making this a thrilling and exciting excursion.

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*IMPORTANT: It is imposible to control mother of nature, we do not guarantee there is always sighting of bull shark in the tour or the number of them, this happen very seldom but sometimes it could happen, we will make all possible you enjoy your day but there is not refund of the money back.

  • Minimum: 2 divers
  • Round trip transportation INCLUDED (Departing from Cancun)
  • Pick up time will depend on the time of your dive
  • Equipment included
  • Wetsuit included
  • Boat fees included
  • Guide
  • Conservation park fee included


180 USD

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